Cattle are used for different things depending on the breed. Some cattle, like the Holstein, are used mainly for the milk they produce, while other cows like the Angus are used for the meat. Cattle are eaten by many people every day because in most cases, they are the things in the hamburgers you eat. What really matters though, is how do they live? They are born into the world from a cow (female) and then taken from the mother within a couple hours and fed milk/milk re-placer for the first 6-8 weeks. They are then raised properly until reaching the regular breeding age of 15 months. They will usually give birth around 24 months of age, but don't reach the mature size until around 4 years of age. They have an average lifespan of 20 years, but will most likely be killed and used for low quality meats after about a 5 year period because they are then unable to produce milk. As for the males, they are grown up about the same way, but often put in crates for up to 22 weeks to keep the meat tender. Most of the males will either be sold to veal (if dairy male) or raised to be killed later on for the meat. Cattle don't have very well lived lives, but how many people actually care?

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