Wildlife-Viewing In Interior Plains

    What's better than going to the beach and relaxing on the beautiful sand? Hearing and watching the waves that come right in front of you. Wow, so amazing... but guess what! Out there in the hidden region, there is the Interior Plains! Who needs the Beach when you got the Interior Plains? The Interior Plains provides so many fun and relaxing benefits to your family needs but the best of it all is that there's Wildlife-Viewing! With such beautiful views, we'll be sure to impress you and your family. So many beautiful wildlife out there, there's just too much to see! Not only will you be seeing birds, but you'll be seeing different animals as well for example, Muskox, Red Fox and so many more! Come join me on a wonderful journey to see why this will be an amazing tourist attraction!

Are our animals well and healthy?

Yes, our animals are well and healthy, but how did we keep them that way? Let's look at the Climate of the Interior Plains and how it'll affect the lifestyle of the animals!


Climate is extremely important for the animals that we look at. We want to keep our animals healthy with a happy lifestyle that they deserve. You probably might be thinking, why is climate so important to our animals? Climate can have impact on many animals depending on what climate it is. Believe it or not, the warmer the climate the better, the colder the climate, the more unhealthy their lifestyles will be.

Importance of Climate and Soil

Climate is extremely important when it comes to our animals. The warmer the climate the better. If the climate starts the drop, the colder it gets which is not a good thing. This is all related to something we call, soil!

Importance of Warm Climate and the Benefits:

  When the climate is warm, the more relaxing it'll be for the animals. Animals would love to relax in the sun but wait... How is exactly is this geography related? Oh yeah!

Warm temperatures allow soil to be dry. The drier the soil, the more healthy it is. When soil is dry and healthy, it allows an upward movement towards lots of nutrients and minerals. When the soil is healthy and rich, this creates healthy crops. Healthy corps will then be eaten by birds and other mammals. When the animals have all successfully gained all of their health needs, they're ready to go and give a show to you, the tourists. Since we know why soil is important to our animals, let's get more in depth about why it's important.

Importance of Soil and the Benefits:

     Soil allows many benefits to not only the animals, but to humans too. Soil is extremely important when we're talking about the Interior Plains.

What's exactly in Soil? Soil contains 4 different ingredients:

- Organic Material

- Minerals         

- Water

- Air

All of these materials are created to form soil. Luckily, the Interior Plains allows that. The Interior Plains makes our soil very rich and good. Especially with loads of organic material. Organic material normally comes from the top of the soil which contains grass, meaning that if there's a lot of nice and healthy grass, that would tell us that the soil is extremely healthy. Normally when you see a picture of the Interior Plains, you see lots of grass which is great, but what does it take to have this much grass in this region? Soil needs to be dry for it to be healthy. When the soil is dry, there's something called Leaching. Leaching means an upward movement towards nutrients and minerals in soil which is great. The opposite of leaching is called Calcification. Calcification means when soil is wet which means that there's a downward movement in nutrients and minerals. In order for a region to be wet, there must be precipitation. In the Interior Plains, there's any precipitation for example relief precipitation. There can't be relief precipitation only because the Interior Plains is all flat land with no mountains making it impossible to have relief precipitation. Therefore, the soil is extremely well and healthy for the animals in the Plains.

Natural Landscape and Geology

In our tour, not only will we watch animals, we will also talk about the history or the Interior Plains! Let's make this an exciting adventure!

The Interior Plains has a lot of history on how it was formed, but everyone knows that a long time ago, it was all water with sea creatures living in it. Many people ask, how did it form from water to a complete flat land? It's simple! Before human nature occurred, like I said, the Interior Plains was all water but how did it form?  The Interior Plains were created when soils from rivers and lakes from the Canadian Shield were filled up until its edge. Sedimentary rock was then created because it's a known fact that particles in water are in Sedimentary rock.

Sedimentary rock creates the the land of this region. When you go to the Interior Plains, you may see very commonly, cracks between the rocks. This is extremely normal because Sedimentary rocks are very sensitive and kind of fragile. They call this "Sedimentary' for a reason, only because it's made from sediments which are really small pieces of rocks because of weathering and erosion.

Hello? Where are we Located?

The parts where it's shaded Red is where the Interior Plains are located. As you can see,  the Interior Plains covers a lot of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. This makes these regions have very flat land with a lot of Sedimentary rocks. Wait... What's so special about that? Since we know where the Interior Plains are located, we will now know what kind of animals our tourists can see! Although there are lots of animals we can list, here are a few in which our tourists might like to see!


- Grizzly Bears   - Red Fox      - Lemming     - Shorebirds

- Wolves            - Muskox      - Ravens     - Waterfowls

Although these list of animals sound amazing, there are a lot more to see in the Interior Plains! By looking at the map, we can see that these provinces provide these types of animals. These animals are beautiful and amazing creatures to look at so don't be afraid  to take a picture of those animals!

As you can see, the Interior Plains cover about 30% of Canada ( my prediction) which is a lot. This is extremely important because Canada is a pure loving country and we all love wildlife so much! Be sure for you, the tourists to check out the Interior Plains in any spot of Canada!

Also, after this tour, we can bring you to the real city and do a hitting of shopping and eating! The Interior Plains isn't far from the city!

Human Activities

What's the point of this tour? Well, we would like to educate our tourists more about Canada and the Interior Plains. The Interior Plains allows many people to relax and enjoy watching the sun rise on a nice view. How can we educate tourists? The main purpose of this tour is animal viewing. We can learn about how the animals in Canada adapt to their environment and what their lifestyle is.You may also pet and feed the animals ( with Jeffrey Ho's permission)! Wait, is that it? No! That's not enough to satisfy tourists!

Since the Interior Plains has such flat land, we will also allow kids to play on the massive field! The Interior Plains has a huge land mass allowing many benefits for example, playing soccer, playing tag and so much more! The Interior Plains is a great place to explore and have fun by seeking wildlife. Let's go Interior Plains!

Sneak Peek!

This sneak peek explains it all! This video tells us that:

- Its good for growing crops    - Some used for horse and cattle ranching

- Mostly all grass and flat lands   - Huge Grainfarms   - Creates tons of different crops

What does this tell us exactly? The video mostly talks about crops growing in the Interior Plains and that it's made to grow grain to ship all over the world! That's 100% true! In our tour, we will take a look at the soil and feel the soil. The soil is extremely rich like we talked about before and that's why the Interior Plains is in charge for planting so many crops! When we go to the Interior Plains, we will see so many crops it'll be crazy! The soil will be rich and healthy with its natural beauty of healthy nutrients and minerals.

Risk of Climate Change

Although there is normally no significant climate change (random climate change), the Summers and Winters are extremely different. In the Summer, the temperature is about 10-30 degrees Celsius. In the Winter, the temperature is the exact opposite which is -10- -30 degrees Celsius. When you look at the temperature chart, you can tell that the Winter is extremely cold. The good thing is, in the Winter the snow fall is extremely, extremely light and the cold air is dry. This is good because we want our soil to be dry and since there's barely any snow, the soil won't get wet and since the air is dry, that's also good for the soil to be dry as well. This won't affect the crops too much but it will affect them by just a tad. In conclusion, the Climate Change won't put a positive impact on the region but it will put a bit of a negative impact on this region only because of a bit of snow.

Risk of Natural Disaster??

There is not a high chance of any natural disasters in the Interior Plains. How come?

Tsunamis and Flooding: The Interior Plains is no where near any ocean or lake currents. How do Tsunamis form? Tsunamis form when a bunch of waves are caused from an underwater earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption. There is no way the Interior Plains can have a Tsunami only because of the small amount of water the Interior Plain holds.

Earthquakes: Earthquakes may be possible but it's going to be very rare. An earthquake is formed when plate tectonics want to grind past each other creating a huge amount of chaos to the earths floor. This may happen to the Interior Plains because there could be a massive plate tectonic in the Western Part of Canada (Mid-Western). But the chances are not high for an earthquake to occur.

Tornadoes: Tornadoes do occur in the Interior Plains. Tornadoes form normally during the hottest time of day This is because the cold and dry air from the north can mix with the moist air from the south forming a tornado. This is also rare but not as rare as an earthquake.

Therefore, a tornado may be a natural disaster that can be formed in the Interior Plains but no worries, we got you covered!


In conclusion,  the Interior Plains is a great place to visit. Have a look at all these animals and have fun with them. Be sure to pet them, take pictures of them and you can also feed them (with the permission of Jeffrey Ho)! This is going to be an amazing experience so be sure to come and visit the Interior Plains!


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