Harry Houdini
By:Catsy Steele

This is Harry Houdini doing one of his famous majic tricks.

Harry Houdini remains as one of the most famous magicians in history. Although he could do card tricks and traditional magic acts, he was most famous for his ability to escape from what seemed like anything and everything, including ropes, handcuffs, straitjackets, jail cells, water filled milk cans, and even nailed-shut boxes that had been thrown in the river. He was known as the best escape artist ever known. Harry also made movies but that go so well because people knew that magic could obviously be faked on T.V.

Houdini was born in Budapest Hungary in 1874. By age eight, Harry was shining shoes,selling newspaper, running errands, and trying to think up things he could do that others couldn't. At 12, Harry ran away from home because he did not like his life where he was. Harry loved magic and he was good at it so he did magic shows for a living. He had four famous magic tricks the Metamorphosis, the underwater handcuff release, the water torture, and the suspended straitjacket. The Metamorphosis premiered in 1894. The Metamorphosis trick was when Harry is placed in a bag, and locked inside a trunk. The curtain closes and he opens up the trunk and gets out of the bag and not only does Harry pops out but a girl pops out as well, and it only took him 3 seconds to get out. Harry Houdini had a wife named Bess, she would help Houdini with some of his magic shoes. Harry practiced his underwater tricks in his bathtub, he would put his head underwater for a minute at a time. That's how Houdini trained himself. After Houdini was very famous he was still into his craft. He did not get and education as a kid so he taught himself. He would interviewed every magician he could and hoped to someday write an encyclopedia of the entire history of magic. Harry has a big heart. He loved children and often performed free for those in hospitals and orphanages. Later in life he went around unmasking performers he thought were cheating the public. Houdini took up flying and became the first person to fly in Australia. He plunged into moviemaking though he was not successful because audience knew tricks were easily faked on screens. Harry died at age fifty two, on Halloween, 1926. It didn't happen during one of his escaped, after all. When he allowed a college student to punch him in the stomach to test his muscles, his appendix burst, spreading an infection throughout his body.mje died within days.

   This picture shows Harry Houdini doing another magic show. This magic show is called "East Indian Trick." Harry would get a string of needles and swallow them. He would swallow 50-100 needles. The string that the needles were in could be as long as 20 feet. Houdini had to make sure that none of the needles were loose because if one came loose it could injure Houdini very badly.

     Erik Weiss was born in Budapest, Hungary 1874. His dad’s name was Rabbi and his mom’s name was Cecilia. Erik had six other siblings. His siblings names were, Theodore, Carrie, Gottfried, Nathan, Leopold, and Herman. Erik loved to read and he read about a magician named Houdini and Erik looked up to him. Then when Erik started doing magic shows he changed his name to Harry Houdini. Harry grew up during a time when poor children worked instead of going to school. By age eight he was shining shoes, selling newspaper, running errands, and trying to think up of things he could do that others couldn't. He perfected a trapeze act and performed in his backyard as "Prince Of The Air." He charged money, of course. But the gasps and applause from the audience was worth almost more than money. At age twelve, Harry ran away from home, to lessen the burden of his family. When they moved New York in search of work, he caught up with them and went to work in a factory that made neckties. In his free time he practiced boxing, swimming, and especially running-ten miles a day in Central Park.

This is where Harry Houdini was born.

     This picture is showing Harry Houdini performing one of his magic tricks. This trick was named the milk can escape. He would fill up the barrel with milk and the barrel would be locked at the top. Harry would escape out of it by banging on the can and it would burst open. Harry had assistants on stage with him. If something would go wrong one of the people would put their hand on the milk can and it would open up.

     Harry Houdini had a lot of challenges, successes, and obstacles in his life. Some of his challenges were really hard to overcome. His biggest obstacle was when his mom died. After that he only had his wife because his father died and his siblings moved far away. Some of the obstacles that Harry had faced was while doing his tricks, like escaping from some of the biggests handcuffs in Scotland. Also, he made animals appear and disappear from a cardboard box. He escaped many safes, which was hard for him because a couple of times he lost the microscopic screwdriver. His last hard trick was making an elephant disappear. Harry did all these crazy tricks because he needed to make sure that the audience loved him. Harry also had a lot of successes in his life. Most of his successes were his tricks. Harry did incredible things that nobody else could do. Every time Harry walked on stage he risked his life because of the tricks that he did. Harry also made movies but that did not go so well. People figured out that magic was fake on T.V. Harry always got through his challenges no matter what it was.

1. Harry employed several methods of escape from handcuffs, leg irons and jail cells.

2. Houdini's signature trick was the Chinese water torture cell.

3. He was the 10th president of the society of American magicians.

Quote: "What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes."- Harry Houdini

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