by trae pecinovsky

1. What actions did you use. Why did you use them? I just used brightness and I used them because I like the way it makes the photo look and I like how brightness makes all photos look and how you can get it to brighten the object you wanna focus on.

2. How did you make this assignment your own, why did you take the photo you took? I made this my own because I took the photo and thought of the idea. I took this photo because I thought it would turn out well with all the reflections on the cups.

3. What would you change about your photo? I would change maybe a different view, maybe like standing over top the cups and looking down at them or maybe getting lower the the cups and sorta look up at them.

4. What do you really like about your photo? I really like how the way I edited it, and maybe everything in the background white and all the other designs on the stove are gone and you can only really see the cups and focus on the cups.

5. Whose photo from last week was the best? why? I really liked Abby Panochs 123 photo, because of how theres like light dots in the background or like glares.