Ocean  Ecology

Ecology-the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. This means that what role they play in their environment.                                        :JAYLIN FORD:

One shark is like the king of the water. This is an individual and it is by itself (alone). It controls mostly everything and most animals are scared of it. A population is when there is a group of the same animals.They must stick together.


Most animals stay out of each others way because they are mostly the same size, and they feed off of plants in the ocean.

Ecosystem- the complex of a community of organisms and its environment functioning as an ecological unit

Community- a group of something living in the same

All animals in the ocean mostly eat biotic things like plants, etc.


-Most are microscopic, one-celled (or unicellular) organisms.

-Some form colonies of many cells

-May have qualities of both animals and plants


-Eukaryotic photosynthetic multicellular asexually reproducing life history

-Involves an alternation of a halpliod phase ( Gametophyte ) with a dipliod phase

-No movement


-cant make their own foodmulticellularingest and digest foodsexual reproductiioneukaryotic cells

-cant make thier own food-multicellular-ingest and digest food-sexual reproduction



-All are eukaryotic

-Most are filamentous

-Some are unicellular

Sharks don't produce anything to let other animals feed off of. They eat smaller fish for their food. They are not decomposers (do not eat other dead animals). All sharks are heterotroph(when an organism can't make its own food). Autotroph(when an organism CAN make its own food).

Producer- makes its own food

Consumer- an animal that feeds on plants or other animals

Decomposer- feeds off of dead animals


Organisms depend on abiotic factors because that might be the only food an animal eats because a fish may be too small.

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