By: Elisabeth Robb


In the first week of July, one friend and I will fly to the French Polynesia and take a rented yacht to the Island of Tahiti. One of the things that I can do with my boat is go snorkeling whenever I want.

I will stay at the Manava Suit close to the beach of Tahiti

Only some of the restaurants I will go to while I am there include the Mango Cafe with live music and L'O å la Bouche which is a French restaurant with a Tahitian twist

Another thing that I will do in my week in Tahiti is see the Fautaua Waterfall which is considered the highest waterfall in the world. This waterfall is only 20 minutes away from my hotel.

To get into the culture of the island I will go to the island;s Tiki village and take a tour of the island villages. The people will put on a show and I will have dinner at one of the local Tiki themed restaurants. The general cost of the dinner would be around $88 without adding in the cost of shopping in the village.


The second week of my vacation, after Tahiti, I will take a boat trip to Taha'a which is an island right by Tahiti.

I will stay in an Over-water Bungalow out over the water of Taha'a.

One thing I will be doing in Taha'a is going to visit a pearl farm. I found a pearl farm in the French Polynesia that is Eco-friendly and benefits marine life. Although it is not on the island of Taha'a it is still in the French Polynesia so I plan on taking my rented Yacht for the two weeks and take a trip to the farm. This farm is specially family owned and insures that the pearls won't get damaged from marine life.

Some restaurants that I will go to are french because the island of Taha'a is a French province (French Polynesia), so I expect the food to be just as good as in France. One of the French restaurants is Restaurant Quai des Pecheurs.

Another thing that I am planning to do in Taha'a is para-sailing around the island. For 25 minutes of flight with 300 meters of cords it is 402 € which converts to around 500 dollars in US currency.

Something else that I think would be a fun thing to do in the waters of Taha'a is surfing. I found a surf school just outside of Taha'a and I will take my yacht to the surf school and practice surfing for a day.

After I'm all done surfing, snorkeling, para-sailing, and all of the other activities I planned, I'll head home.


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