Wednesday Knight News-April 15

Good morning! I wanted to send a few quick reminders:

  • Please remember that tomorrow is a late arrival. We will begin serving breakfast at 7 a.m. and start our program at 7:30. Please bring your tablet for exchange. (Also don't forget that it is a jeans and spirit shirt day.)
  • During fourth period tomorrow, you will be doing a "tablet check" for students' tablets. Please remind your fourth period students to bring their tablets and chargers to class tomorrow.
  • PDAS Teacher Self Reports II and III are due in Eduphoria on Thursday. If you are a LEADS appraised teacher, your TSR II is due to be uploaded. We will begin summatives very soon.

I want to end with a shout out to all those teachers who are making STAAR Academy happen. I was blown away by the number of students and the level of engagement in those classes after school yesterday. Once again, CFHS is leading the way! Thank you teachers!