Trends to Follow in Teaching Business at Top Business Schools - 1 part

Partly due to the economic crisis and partly to the criticism on the part of employers, classic MBA programs are losing points. It many cases it is now preferred to stay at the workplace and acquire skills in situ, rather than rely on classroom learning. To fix this gap between real life and theory, leading business schools are making efforts to adapt their programs and environments to current work needs. Here are a few of them.

1. Development of leadership. Individual personal development should be a primary focus of any business teaching institution and arranged through individual work and learning. Modern business environment often requires teamwork and leader’s qualities will become a means to manage those teams efficiently.

2. Customization. Every business program must include as few mandatory courses as possible and offer plenty of selective ones. Thus, students from different backgrounds will have a chance to get the most from their education without being overloaded with something they don’t require necessary. The same applies to the sequence of courses.

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