Flamboyant Floret

by Amanda Poertner and Shawna Wilson

For our project, we created a flower with a leaf behind it. At first, we believed we could create a lemniscate graph perpendicular to the x-axis. However, we cannot. Therefore we deleted that part of the graph and left it as is. Those are the changes we made.

A) In what ways did you experiment mathematically?

We experimented mathematically when we tried to place a lemniscate perpendicular to the x-axis. However, we discovered that doing so was impossible. Also, we experimented with the size of the lemniscate on the x-axis. At first, we thought it should be bigger so we increased 'a' to 100 instead of 81. Our final experimentation was figuring out how many petals we wanted on our flower. At first, we wanted 4 only, so we made 'b' equal to 2. However, we decided it was too little and doubled it.

B) What did you learn from this assignment?

While we were completing this assignment, we learned not only how to graph a rose, circle and lemniscate, but also how to write an equation for them. It helped reinforce what we have learned in class. Also, we learned how to change each equation and what each change meant in the graph.

C) Did you enjoy working on this assignment? Why or why not?

We enjoyed working on this assignment because it helped us express ourselves while reinforcing and practicing skills we have learned in class.

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