Career Exploration & Development
Week April 8th, 2015

Weirdest Jobs

In the past week, we went around campus asking students about the weirdest jobs or internships they have endeavored in recent years. From working as a carny for a traveling carnival to interning at an exotic animal shelter, the response was, well, just what we were looking for. View the video below to see the other answers!

What Separates You From Your Peers?

One word: Internships. We all can get degrees, but what are employers looking for? Check out this well written article about internships, and how you can differentiate yourself from your peers in the competitive job market. It may make the difference!

Ask A Fellow: Interviewing Over Lunch

Have a question for our fellows? Send your inquiries to with "Ask a Fellow" as the subject line. Your question could be featured in an upcoming newsletter!

This week's question: "I have an upcoming interview scheduled, but I am meeting my interviewer for lunch rather than taking the interview in the office. What advice can you provide regarding interviewing over lunch?"

Answer: In response to the question, here is a great article from The Muse, which outlines the some key pointers to consider when interviewing over a meal. Here are some of the main takeaways from the article:

1. Review your resume prior to the interview. You won't have notes available as you are eating, so it will be important to remember the highlights of your resume.

2. Arrive early. Look up directions to the restaurant ahead of time and research where you plan to park.

3. Follow the lead of the interviewer. They will most likely be paying for the meal, so ask them which dishes they would recommend if they have been there before. This will give you an idea of an appropriate price range for your order.