At this stage, the star felt free. By free I mean out of control. It knew it should stay in place, but it felt it had a lot of space. It had no adaptations to its surroundings.


The has gotten older so it is bigger. It has grown like a human grows when it gets older. Since a star grows, it can't control how much space it takes up. The star is yet still in place, by that I mean it is not moving in its stop. The star can control itself. It started to adapt to its surroundings.

Main Sequence Star

This is my main sequence star. It is a high mass star. At this stage, the star has become a solid-type material. It may not be solid all the way, but it will get there at some point. At this point the star has completely adapted to its surroundings.

Red Giant

At this stage the star has gotten even hotter. It seems that it has melted a bit. This star has it shape and volume so it has it exact spot to be placed. It is in definite control. It may be solid or even a gas. At this moment it is turning solid, but still part gas.


At this stage, the star has its orbit. It is in complete self-control. It is a grown star. It is free and need to go through only its elderly to death stage.

This is the last stage of the star. Next, it will be death.The star needs to go through no more stages. It is complete done with growth. The star has its definite orbit. The star has a more solid look also. It has its complete volume.

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