The Golden Ratio

Autumn Carlston
February 5th 2014

This is my drawing.

The Golden Ratio

I drew a camera incorporating three golden ratios, the golden ratio is often rounded to 1.62 but is actually an irrational number, you can find the golden ratio when you have a rectangle and one side divided by the other side is equal to 1.62 (the golden ratio). In my work I used the golden ratio in the size of the paper I was working on and three times in my work. The biggest rectangle that I used was 5 inches by 3.1 inches and if you divide 5 by 3.1 you get 1.62 the golden ratio. The next largest was 5.1 inches by 3.15 inches and again if you divide them together you get the golden ratio. For the smallest one this rectangle was 3.15 inches by 1.94 inches so I divided and got the golden ratio. I also noticed that all of the numbers I used where similar and I think that is because the golden ratio is not that big of a number so the numbers that make it up are not that far apart. I also think that it is an important part of the golden ratio that no matter how big or small the rectangle is the ratio stays the same.

These are the areas that I used the golden ratio in, the last picture is a photocopy of my draft and the problems that I did for each one of the golden ratios that I used. In the picture the paper is cut off but the real paper that I used was cut down to the golden ratio.

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