land of the sugary chocolate

Welcome to Chocolate land the only place where it helps you relax. It was discovered by a lady named Mary Margret in the 1920. Its located near the sweet tarts land. Where everything is made up of sweetness you could eat chocolate without getting diabetes or gaining weight in there is just a myth. Everyone in Chocolate land know each other very well and enjoy working and living in the same city. The people that live there are mostly M&M'S and Gummy bears.

The climate is pretty chill but most of the times is cold. It's very rare to have a hot day in Chocolate land. Last year  we had a big Storm a really hot day the first time that was in Chocolate land. That day a lot of M&M'S died because of the really bad weather. M&M'S loved the cold weather. It helps them not to  get sick and live a better life.

There language is British and mix with English language. For the M&M'S there language is very important. That's  the only way they could communicate with each other. Half of the community knows how to speak English very well.  Than any other language in Chocolate land.

M&M'S love to eat chocolate Especially nutella. They always have to put nuetla in everything they eat pancakes, strawberries, pizza etc . Without nutella they don't  eat at all. Sweet is one of there favorite words. Some M&M'S make there own kind of chocolate like for example nutela mix with chocolate cookies or ice cream.


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