The Screwed Over Underdogs

Presents Our Supply Shooter: The Underdog

by: Angie Tompkins, Alaina Hill, and Kylee Armstrong

We were given a mission: build a contraption to get supplies across the river.

We used 9 popsicle sticks, 0 paper clips, 3 rubber bands, one spoon and masking tape to work with. We spent a total of $14.30 in supplies and used no waste. However, the supplies company was unfair and only gave us 1.5 feet of tape when we were supposed to get 3 feet. (And, we only had 3 people to work on this project unlike other groups) Somehow, we had to overcome this obstacle.

And suddenly, Kylee became ill. Her right arm got bit off by a shark in the river. We were now down half of another member of the design team.

After we overcame these obstacles, we began to test the supply shooter out.

And again, we tested it out in the real world. However, it failed. The supplies did not cross the river.

So we had to make some changes...

AND WE CONQUERED! The Screwed Over Underdogs came out on top!

The Underdog Shot: 25 feet

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