Significant Learning Environments

We often think of learning environments to be the room we teach in. However, they have more value when considered as intentional interactions between the student, teacher, and learning process. Ultimately, teachers have the responsibility to create a learning environment that harbors growth and development of the student, which allows them to succeed. When students have the "end in mind" and understand the learning objectives, they have ways to tangibly understand their personal growth.

Understanding the learning process means that we are unfinished products and "nothing is yet in its trust form" (C.S. Lewis). Our past ideas of learning may have molded us, but those ideas can evolve.

Using Fink's alignment of outcomes, assessment, and activities and Understanding by Design puts all students in a position to succeed and grow because no one is in a position where they can say “I know-it-all.”

Teaching students the skills to grow in their learning is a part of the significant learning environment