Revising and Editing!

by: Skylar Munden, alexis duenas, & landry suarez

Pros of peer editing        
*it will help someone
know what to fix and
*it may give you ideas
*gives you a second
of eyes on your paper
*they might
the rubric better

Cons of peer editing
*you might hurt the
peers feelings
*you cant always
trust that there correct
*your peer might not
take there time
*they can give you wrong advice

what is revising?

Revising is where you are putting things in and taking thing out.You are making the choice of words better.

What is editing?

Editing is where you are fixing punctuation, misspelled words, improper grammar, etc... and this will make your story a whole lot better!

here is and example of some of skylar's story that has been revised and edited. her peer revised and edited this story for her and had some pretty good corrections and some not very good ones.

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