Cold War in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh rises to power

After World War Two, the Japanese removed most of the French rule and power over Vietnam and Southeast Asia. However, the Japanese retreated back to Japan and left these countries alone. The French came back and set up camp once again. During this period, Ho Chi Minh rose to power and asked for help from the communist party to revive Vietnam into a strong communist country.

Minh led revolts against the French. It was theorized that after Vietnam became communist and was liberated, other countries in China would soon follow. This led the United states to come in and intervene to ensure that communism did not spread.

Enter the U.S.

After Ngo Dinh Diem proved to be at risk of losing, the United states showed up with Apache helecopters and m16's. They came in and fought against thre Vietcong, pushing their way up Vietnam to eventually take out the communist party. However, with extensive guerrala warfare and tactics, this proved to be a very difficult task.

United States pulls out

The United States, led by Richard Nixon, decided to have the Vietnamization of the Vietnam war. Basically, the United states would slowly pull out and shift responsibility to the south Vietnamese army led by NGOs Dinh Diem

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