V- Day Card Critiques

Good 1. I like this card but it is cute and simple

2. I like this card because it is gives me a vintage feel.

3. I like this card because its uses the same colors and it doesn't hurt your eyes

4. I like this card because it is creative it is literally a fox.

5. I like this card because it looks hand-made.

Bad 1. This is just to vintage that it is not appealing to anyone.

2. These doesnt really look like a valetines day card the colors or anything doesn't match.

3. This card is kind of creepy to me to be a valentines day card.

4. This is too much for the card the color is ok but the animal thing is not needed.

5. This looks like a sad lonely monkey and that wishes he mad a valentine which is not appealing. The font is bad along with the hearts with keys.

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