End of year project

By Emmanuel Legarreta 1st period

Persuasive essay

                " The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." The world needs good people because it makes the world a better place and good people stop bad people from doing bad things.

                   If there are good people then it makes the world a better place. Nobody wants to live in a world where it is full of bad people. Good people make everything function like it is supposed to and they make everything more productive which makes it a better place to live in. Bad people dont do anything productive in this world. All they cause is crime, corruption, and many other bad things. There is no reason why the world should have bad people in it. Good people are essential to any place and it would be the best thing to have good people in this world.

                 This world needs good people because they are the ones who stop bad people from doing bad things. Good people stop crimes and murder for example when a bad person commits a crime, a good person is needed to stop it and in this case that good person would be a cop. Another example of a good person would be all the people that donate to charity and are trying to help those who dont have as much as us. There are a ton of good people in this world that stop bad people from doing bad things. It is no wonder why good people are so wanted.

                Of course somebody will say that good people are not needed in this world. Some reasons they might say this is because there will always be bad people no matter what. There will always be that person who isnt a good person and they will try to hurt others, but good people will always be needed.

              The world wouldn't be the same it is today without good people. Good people make it easier to live in this world and they stop bad people from doing all those terrible things. Good people will always be wanted and will always be appreciated. That is why this world does need good people.

                                                       Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern

I would like to recommend Ezra Moleko as an employee in your organization. Ezra was my worker and an excellent employee. I was his boss and I am certified to recommend him to you.

Ezra Moleko has an excellent amount of skills that would be very valuable to your organization. He has excellent peoples skills and he can really understand what the consumer wants and needs. He is an extremely well rounded worker and he is very organized and responsible. He can also manage his time very well and will never be late.

Ezra Moleko is excellent for the position that he is applying for in your organization. He fits very well in into the criteria that your organization position needs. His peoples skills will fit really well in your organizaton.

I highly recommend this person to you without any hesitation what so ever. You will not regret accepting Ezra Moleko into your organization because he will benefit you greatly. He is an excellent worker and he will not fall short of any assignment or task that you assign him to.

Sincerely ,

Emmanuel Legarreta

                                                   College/career presentation  

Texas Tech University, The Red Raiders

  • This college was created in 1923. It was originally named Texas Technical College and it was created be legislative action. Texas Tech University became a university up until September 1, 1969. The first year that they opened they had an enrollment of 914 students.
  • Texas tech University fight song:

Fight, Raiders, Fight! Fight, Raiders, Fight!
Fight for the school we love so dearly.
You'll hit 'em high, you'll hit 'em low.
You'll push the ball across the goal,
Tech, Fight! Fight!

We'll praise your name, boost you to fame.
Fight for the Scarlet and Black.
You will hit 'em, you will wreck 'em.
Hit 'em! Wreck 'em, Texas Tech!
And the Victory Bells will ring out!

Written by Carroll McMath


  • Admission requirements  

SAT scores of 1140 and ACT scores of 25 in the first quarter.

  • An element of their student life is football. This school is very well known for their football team and almost everyone goes to football games and that is an aspect of their student life.
  • This is a copy of the degree plan of my career that I chose.

GROUP 1, Learning and Cognition: PSY 3317, 4323, 4324, or 4327.

GROUP 2, Individual Differences, Personality, and Social Processes: PSY 3304, 3306, or 3398.

GROUP 3, Biological Bases of Behavior: PSY 3327, 4325, or 4332.

GROUP 4, Developmental Bases in Behavior: PSY 2301, 2305, 3318, or 4301.

GROUP 5, Applied Professional Psychology in Community and Practice Settings: PSY 3334, 4302, 4326, 4334, or 4384.

GROUP 6, Additional Courses in Psychology: PSY 3301, 3310, 3341, 4000, 4300, 4305, 4310, 4320, 4336, 4343, 4344 or 4380.

  • My career description of psychology is basically the study of how the human mind works and why humans do what they do. This is a very interesting thing to me to study.
  • The job requirements of this major is 35 hours of credit and grades that are above a C.

                                             Cover letter/Letter of Intent

Emmanuel Legarreta

12345 Fake address St.

City, State 12345



Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter to tell you about my interest in the Jc Penny customer service Manager position that was posted on your website. This job opportunity is very intriguing to me. I believe that I am going to work well and that my experience will highly benefit your organization.

I have certain key strengths that I believe are highly beneficial in this job position,these include but are not limited to: Being very social and having a lot of people skills, being very organized and very responsible, and doing well under very hard circumstances in the job.

I am very well spoken and I am very well time organized. I hope that you will find any of these skills fitting for this job position and I hope that you can consider my request.

You can reach me any time to my cell phone (915)123-45678 or my email address elegar02@sisd.net. Thank you for your time and I am hoping to see you soon for an interview.


Emmanuel Legarreta


Emmanuel Legarreta




My goal is to help people medically and help them with any disease.


Lujan Chavez Elementary:Went for 7 years and have a diploma. Got Perfect attendance all 7 years.

Sun Ridge Middle School: Went for 3 years and have a diploma. Got perfect attendance all 3 years.

ED9: went for one year and continuing on completion of this school. Got perfect attendance  .


Manager at Wal-Mart: had to take care of all the financial problems of this particular walmart.                                                                      2007-2010   


I am extremely good at working under pressure and doing everything with perfection and having patience at the same time. I have very good peoples skills and a lot of time management skills.