3D printed and designed D20(20 sided die)

This Project was done in response to one of the youth that I work with wanting to design his own D20 in Tinkercad. After about an hour or so of attempting we where unable to figure out how to do it.

This set me up to hit the books and take a look on what we could do, I looked at different geometric shapes we could use and eventually found a pentagonal pyramid that would work great!

As you can see one of them is taller then the other, this is because after some trial and error on my part that the original shape(on the left) was not able to fit together the way I needed it to. I figured this was because the triangular faces where not equilateral, meaning I needed to hit the math.

Sorry fro the poor photo quality, these are some simply trig calculations I used in order to determine the correct height of the pyramid I needed to create near perfect equilateral triangles on each face.

From here what I did was copy and past the shape and then rotate each so that one of the faces on the pyramid perfectly lined up with a face of the pyramid I was connecting it to.

After the shape of the D20 was assembled, I used rectangles to cut off any impurities, I did this 2 time using rectangular holes placed on each side of the shape and stretched them to make sure they covered the whole face.

After I smoothed out the shape I used it to create a template for the same shape, due to the fact that the inside of the current shape was hallow.

I then added the numbers on each face by referring to a D20 number map, and I ended up with this:

The object was then printed on a printerbot simple metal taking approximately 50 minutes.

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