China's Food culture

Kelsey Garris 11/14/13 2nd Period

In China they make it a big deal to present the best food to their elders. That is a way of respect at the table or while eating.

When eating there will be a host, you must also show respect to them. When you are there you are not allowed to eat until the host tells you to start. They see it as a form of disrespect if you eat before being told.

When eating it is determined on how you look & gifts you must bring. It all depend on the master of the banquet.

While dining its loud & noisy which is a way of showing that the food & is good.

About this culture

Rise, noodles, & vegetables are a big part of Chinese food. When eating plants or animals they have to use all of it. They believe in no wasting. In China the big way to show respect is through food. It all matter about your appreance, the respect you show, & the food you make & present.

differences between cultures

There is a big difference between our cultures. In China, they like being loud while dining out or eating. Here its originally respectful to be quiet & let everyone eat in peace. They dress a certain way & bring gifts for a small dinner. They also use chop sticks & large like flat spoons to eat with, we use a variety of forks, knives, & spoons.


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