The Inuit Tribe

The Inuit are related to the Aleut and Yupik peoples. They originally settled down along the coast of Alaska but later migrated to other areas. This includes the northern region of Alaska, Greenland, Siberia, and Canada. Their way of life was deeply influenced by the harsh, cold Tundra that forced them to adapt to their environment.


Most of the Inuit settled along the coasts of the Tundra regions. They also lived in Northern Canada, Alaska, and Greenland. These areas were extremely cold with long, unforgiving winters. Thus, the people of the Arctic were forced to adapt to their surroundings. Vegetation was scarce in this region.


They ate seals, caribou, fish, walruses, whales, polar bears, birds & their eggs.  They basically ate anything they could get. They were known for eating their meat raw, which is why they were known as the "Eaters of raw meat". During winter it was relatively harder to hunt and catch food. Despite the conditions the Inuit were still able to obtain food. Winters were spent hunting.


They used harpoons and spears made out of antler or narwhal tusk. Their knives were made out of walruses tusk. Since ordinary knives couldn't cut through the frozen meat, they would make hard knives out of copper known as the Ulu. The Unak and Kavaik were types of harpoons. The substance they're made of varies. Some are made of wood or ivory.


The Inuit snow goggles are a type of goggles traditionally used by the Inuit. They are used to prevent snow blindness. A thin line runs along the middle horizontally allowing one to see without letting any snow in. They used nets and fishing lines to catch fish. Seal skins and furs were used to keep warm and to make the clothing they wore. Another tool they used was the kayak.

They used Kayaks to hunt on water.


During the winter they built homes of stones and turf. The igloo ( made of cut blocks of hard packed snow) served only as a temporary shelter. So it was mainly used during traveling. In the summer, they lived in tent-like huts made from animal skins.

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