Sociology :

Even though homoparentality is recently more common, a lot of researchs have been done by sociologists. First, there are positive aspects of homoparental families. Economically, salary comes from both parents so most of the homoparental family have a stable financial situation compare to a monoparental family. Another advantage is that they generally share chores and family responsabilities very well. Since they are parents of the same sex, the predetermine stereotype of a staying at home mother and a father at work disapears. So society considers homoparental families as sociologically normal families because they are financially and socially stable. As for the negative aspects, homoparental families are fragile because of the prejudices people have towards them. It is hard for them to live without social recoginition. It has an effect on the children who would prefer to fit in easily in society instead of being marginalized.

Psychology :

Homoparentality mostly has psychological effects on the children. The most important one is that they don’t have both sex as role models. Kids imitate their parents more then we think. They integrate standards, culture, behaviors without even realizing it. Having parents of the same sex can cause them problems interacting with the opposite sex. Also, being marginalized has consequences on their development since most of them get bullied at school. On a more postitive note, most of the time, kids raised by homosexual parents are desired. There have no possibility of being the result of an "accident". The process for adoption or artificial insemination is very long and complicated. So children from homoparental families are pampered and get good support and affection from their parents. That being said, it is important to take in consideration that society evolves and being ostracize will hopefully diminish with time.  

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