Fire and Ice

Lexi DeYoung


The Mantle is a layer of the earth between the core and the crust and is made up of molten magma or lava.

Mantle is a noun.

The scientist studied the Mantle closely.


The core is the inner part of the earth and it heats the earth.

Core is a noun.

There was a picture of the core in a science book.

Question E

In my opinion, the "Big One" would cause more damage than the eruption of Mt. Rainier. When you have an earthquake houses and buildings can collapse and tsunamis can happen. People can be left homeless, property would be destroyed, many things can be lost and people could drown from the tsunami. Mt. Rainier would just cause flooding from winter storms, but if there were an earthquake, you would get the damage caused by the earthquake and flooding.

Question B

When convection current breaks up brittle rock that makes up the crust, it forms plates. The plates are moved around on earth's surface which is caused by the currents of magma. When this happens, it creates landscapes like mountains and plateaus because as the plates move around, they grind, scrape and fold against each other.

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