The Roman army.


The legionaries of Rome were people that where the Roman army, although Legionaries where the main part of the Army. Legionaries where made up for 5000 Roman soldiers who were under the command of the legate. They dived into ten groups called Cohorts. Each of the cohorts were made up of six centuries which is a thousand man and they were comanded by a Centurion. The Centurions where very important people and where responsible for the soldiers training.

                                          Standard bearers.

Each of the Century had its own Emblem or Stanadard. This was carried by the Standard Bearer. , a very experienced and trusted soldier. If you ever lose your standard it would be big disgrace to him and everyone.

How to become a legionary

First of all you had to be a Roman citizen and second of all you had to be physically fit and had to be taller than 1.6metres to join the army. You were expected to stay in the army for about 10-25 years. Training. Most of the soldiers joined when they are 18-20 years old. The soldiers had three days of 30km march every month with 25 kilo grams of weight on them.

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