Erik Surjan - Success in Marketing

Marketing professional Erik Surjan has considerable education and experience in professional marketing, and has enjoyed the chance to work in the field for many years. An asset to multiple firms throughout his career, Surjan has truly set himself apart from the pack, continually making invaluable contributions to his team, his company and the marketing field as a whole.

Erik Surjan was most recently a marketing professional with Sports MA, a firm that specializes in sports marketing. Between 2010 and 2014, Surjan was able to enhance the firm’s ability to develop more effective and broader brand recognition with targeted demographics, and helped to increase the firm’s base of clients while strengthening the company’s relationships with third parties that were critical to both the marketing departments and the firm’s success.

Formerly an employee of West Coast Institute of Training, Erik Surjan worked to successfully create significant lead generation opportunities, and helped to strengthen the firm’s relationships with many members of various business industries. He was also responsible for the successful management of the 2010 Inforce Conference, and was able to achieve a 100% strike rate for numerous international ward applications.

Erik Surjan has also experienced considerable success as a former employee of the KeyPath Group, as well as a former employee of WCIT. His countless successes with marketing firms, teams and leaders have helped to fill out what is quite an impressive resume. Now in pursuit of an acting career, Surjan is proud of what he has achieved in the marketing profession.

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