The Alamo is a fun place to go, its free to enter, lots of fun facts, and its just a good way to have fun. Don't be that person who never experienced it before. Besides who doesn't like to spend time with the family. I sure do!

Ways to get there


Three interstate highways converge near the Alamo in downtown San Antonio: I-35 from Dallas and Austin to the north continues south to Laredo, I-10 from Houston to the east northwest after passing through San Antonio, and I-37 connects San Antonio to Corpus Christi.
Other U.S. routes and Texas highways also lead into the city, including U.S. 281 and U.S. 90. Two highways loop the city: I-410 encircles the heart of San Antonio; Highway 1604 makes a wider circle.


Parking is available near the Alamo at city parking meters and several pay lots in the vicinity of the Alamo. Most pay lots are open


About the Alamo

When events become legendary, facts tend to get forgotten. Such is the case with the fabled Battle of the Alamo. Rebellious Texans had captured the city of San Antonio de Béxar in December of 1835 and had fortified the Alamo, a fortress-like former mission in the center of town. Mexican General Santa Anna appeared in short order at the head of a massive army and laid siege to the Alamo. He attacked on March 6, 1836, overrunning the approximately 200 defenders in less than two hours. None of the defenders survived. Many myths and legends have grown about the Battle of the  Alamo: here are some facts.

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