End of Year College Project

Be One of the Good

It has gotten my attention that when times get tough, the people that really care for you will try their best to help in any way that they can. The world needs good people because it is important to show kindness and it is a great way to live for the future.

Admittledly, it is important to show kindness to everyone that comes in our way. For example, many people encounter others that are very rude and instead it causes them to act the same way, it is better to be nice to them to prove who is the better bigger person. Unfortunately, some people grow up and stay with the worst attitude which causes them to do bad things but if you know what the best thing is, do that. Someone once said," its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice."

Presently, another reason why the world needs good people is because it is a great way to live while growing up. This means that what many people don't realize is that there is always someone looking up to you wether it is by a sibling or someone you are close to.     People are influenced by the people they are surrounded by and if you are good it will also cause others to be good. In addition, when you live to be good and nice you find that life is more enjoyable and stress free. There are many icons throughout history that due to their genuine kindness  have proved that in the end it pays off to be a good person.

In general, life is full of unexpected surprises and it makes people think that if you have a guard at all times, it will be harder for people to hurt them and be hurt. It is better to be an attacker instead of the victim. Unfortunately, it has gotten to a higher group of people than before. Evolution is always happening, therefore it is necessary to be kind so that it stays like that in the future as well. People need to show what a life full of good people is like. People are faced with tough challenges and in those moments it is important to not take the wrong paths instead to be a good person.

Letter Of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I have worked with Alondra Galindo for almost a year and have noticed her interest in a being a nurse. I am qualified to write a reference letter to recommend her to your hospital because I am the president of Helping Kids all Around which provides assistance for children all around the world. I have noticed how dedicated she is to helping people around her community.

From the moment I met Alondra Galindo, she stood out to me because every time I had the opportunity  to work with her. She didn't have a problem doing anything that was necessary. She puts 100% of herself on all contribution to whatever she is helping with. Alondra's personality includes all things a nurse should have such as being nice, caring, respectful and trustworthy. Her big green eyes and pretty little body make you automatically like her as she is.

Some of the skills that I have noticed from her are the ability to memorize things very easily and focusing on the things that are really important. She shows her ability to being committed to what she wants.

I highly recommend Alondra Galindo because she is dedicated, responsible and is the perfect candidate as a nurse at your hospital. If you need further information about myself, please contact me at (915)2255221 and my email is anaismyself@gmail.com


Ana C. Rodriguez

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Intent

                                                Rodriguez, Ana Cristina

                                                    12252 Tierra Fea

                                                  El Paso, TX 79912

May 18, 2015

Jeff Mark Davis, Entrepreneur


3342 Boneless Ave.

New York, New York 1221

Dear Jeff Mark Davis:

I have been interested in your business for a very long time. It intrigues me because I know how you handle your sales and etc.. I would like to be a part of your team because i believe i can bring great ideas to the table and make the stores stand out from others.

I work bes then i am surrounded with very creative people that love to think out of the box and i believe your business has that and so much more. I am very good at expanding our costumers and making sure we are on top of the latest trends. My education always surrounded around fashion wether it was in journalism, marketing and more because since high school. I was given an endorsement on Fashion Design so it gave me the opportunity to learn certain things pretty early. Please take my better judgment and let me prove that your business can use someone like me.


Ana Rodriguez


Ana Rodriguez

(915) 522-2552

15521 Tierra Fea



Objective: My goal is to be able to be as creative and original as possible as a professional, to help the people around me and enjoy every single minute pursuing my career.


Lujan Chavez Elementary School (2008-2011)- I was able to graduate 5th grade with all As and won 1st place in the science fair.

Sun Ridge Middle School (2011-2013)- In 6th grade I was given the general award of excellence that only five students get each year and in 7th grade, I was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society and am still in it.

Puentes Middle School (2013-2014)- My volleyball team was undefeated

Pebble Hills High School (2014-2018)- I joined the dance team all four years and went to championships.


Cummunity Service at My Little Confectionary Shop from the moment it was opened (2014-present)


  • Good leader
  • Good memory
  • Niceness

Job Application