Christmas in Bethlehem

By Ella Grace Reynolds

The night before Christmas the Christians set up mangers, a star, and a silver marking at the sight of Jesus, and a cross on each door. Like we do, the Christians call Santa, Santa. Christmas is on the 25th every year. They eat turkey, yeast roles, grandmas maple candied yams, creamed onions, and green been cassorole. On December 11th the Christians have Winter dance works. Some other traditions thy do are ride in parades, ride on horses carrying a cross, sitting astride a coal-black steed. They have a major event because that was where Jesus is born. They have tours in Bethlehem. On Christmas Eve natives and visitors alike crowd the church's doorways and stand on the roof to watch for the dramatic annual procession. Galloping horsemen and police mounted on Arabian horses lead the parade. Then come the churchmen and gov0rment officials. The procession solemnly enter the doors and places an ancient effigy of the Holy Child in the Church. On the end day they have Christmas City's Holiday Spectaculer (multi day event). Christmas started because of the birth of Jesus. December 18th-December 30th, 2014 the Christians have a Night Bus Tour and Historical Holiday Carrige Rides. On Saturday, December 20th they have breakfast with Santa. On December 27th-December 31st they have a Cupcake Bowl, PEEPFEST, and a PEEPFEST with people dressed as peeps. this is how they say Merry Christmas in their language, Bengali:  Shuvo Naba Barsha.        

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