best fish ever

tanker guys

john.w mateo lewis

Medium tank 36 L*15 D*20 h

It's (6.25ft3)(7.5)=46.9 gallons.

Spotted African leaf fish and  Fancy goldfish.

Spotted African leaf fish $8.99 and Fancy goldfish $32.99.

The water size is small and it could up to 60 gallons $70.00

Heater is  $36.00

Light size will be 36 inch long and the coast is  $40.00

Next the fish tank need a lot of gravel. The grave that is in the fish tank is the deep blue sea. We need  5 bags of deep blue sea and it coast $5.50

The next one we need is the live plant of the jungle plant that coast $12.00

Volcano Bubbler is $25 to put into the fish tank.

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