The 2,128 native Americans mascots people aren't talking about

1. Hayley Munguia

2 . The main idea of this article is that there's a lot of Native American mascots that are not talked about and some of them changed there name and some didn't

3. "I searched the database and found 2,129 sports teams that reference Braves, Chiefs, Indians, Orangemen, Raiders, Redmen, Reds, Redskins, Savages, Squaws, Tribe and Warriors, as well as tribe names such as Apaches, Arapahoe, Aztecs, Cherokees, Chickasaws, Chinooks, Chippewas, Choctaws, Comanches, Eskimos, Mohawks, Mohicans, Seminoles, Sioux and Utes. (Not all teams with the names “Raiders” and “Warriors” are referencing Native Americans, but we spot-checked 20 schools with each name and a majority of each did " I picked this sentence because it proves how much Native American mascots there are

4. This connects with the article because they made some teams go and change there name and some teams didn't

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Well done, Sabir.