Houston, Texas

Brings you back!

Escape into the city of Houston.


    Come along as you enjoy a train ride in a mystical water tunnel at the Downtown Aquarium. This tunnel includes fish and mammals that swim above you while you are on your ride!

The Houston Zoo is filled with entertaining animals. Even the elephants love to dance! The Houston Zoo is opened all year around, so stop by and join us! As they say at the zoo "Where else can you explore the flora and fauna of Africa, Asia, and Borneo...right in the middle of the city?".

What to do? We've got you covered!

    There's everything from zoos to museums, and many family friendly attractions! It would not be hard to get entertainment here. There are 19 museums to enjoy! You'd have to have it least 15 days to visit all of them! If you're up for historical fun or just to walk around we've got it all! Check our event calendar for more fun events and join our Photo Safari! You can't miss out!

Way back When!

History of Houston

   Houston has been famous for a lot of things, but the most important thing is that it stands for Texas. In the early founding, a guy named Augustus Chapman Allen and his brother John bought the John Austin half league. This is where the birth of Houston came from. With a great source of fresh water, they re-named this town after the brave Sam Houston. In 1836 Houston was fully established and had many  people coming in to settle. When developing their town, the Allen brothers asked the Texas Congress to select Houston as the capitol of the Republic of Texas. A few months later in May 1837 Congress accepted their proposal, and Houston was the new capitol of the Republic of Texas.

  Although Houston is not the Capitol of Texas today, it still stays strong representing its state!                                                                         




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