Spend some time this summer upping your technology game by playing Tech Bingo! Go for a Bingo, two Bingos or a BLACKOUT! Prizes will be awarded for one vertical and one horizontal Bingo per person - Grand Prize drawings for anyone getting a BLACKOUT!

How does it work?

  1. Check out the tasks on the TECH BINGO card.
  2. To get more information about the app or website in each task, go to the TECH BINGO website. Here you will find an explanation of each app or website. You will also find links to examples, tutorials and lesson ideas for integrating these new tech tools into your lessons!
  3. Once you have completed a task, go to the completion form, fill in the information and share the URL for your completed project with us. (The TECH BINGO website has directions for sharing your project to this form.)
  4. Prizes will be given out when we return to school in August. Prizes will be given out in the order the BINGOs are completed. The first person to get a BINGO gets to choose their prize first, so don't wait until August to complete it or that prize you have your eye on might get picked by someone else!!

Prizes! Did someone say Prizes?!

Yes, I did say prizes! We will have all sorts of prizes to pick from . . . Like what, you say? Oh the choices - jeans day coupons, a free 5th period off (someone else will take your 5th period class and you are free to leave!), computer covers, keyboard covers, external batteries/portable powerbanks for charging your phone/iPad, water bottles, thermas, bluetooth speakers and MORE!!!!