• 1. The significance of Jerusalem to my group is that it should belong to the Jews because it is a holy ground and they would respect it, and would pray on it.
  • It was important for the Jews to control jerusalem because Jerusalem has always been seen as the holiest city for the Jewish faith. The reason for this is that Jerusalem was the site of the main temple of the Jewish faith. Because the temple was located in Jerusalem. The city was seen as the center of the faith. It was where Jews would go to celebrate the holiest festivals. It was the direction in which they would face when they prayed.
  • 2. The cause of our perspective in the crusades was the others trying to take it over. The reason they thought that was because Jerusalem was a holy place and a holy land.
  • Of even wider importance was the increased demand for trade goods - Europeans developed a tremendous appetite for cloth, spices, jewels, and more from the Muslims as well as lands even further east, such as India and China, spurring an increased interest in exploration. At the same time, markets were opened in the East for European goods.
  • 3. The impact was that many of the Jews died, and some were being forced to pay
  • In order to Warm Up for War in the Holy Land, Crusaders swept through Jewish Ghettos killing raping. Jewish Communities were forced to pay ransoms to finance crusaders. It can be argued that much of the hatred Muslims have towards Jews was a result of the Crusades. When Christians were successful enough to take Jerusalem, they initially treated Jews marginally better than Muslims and many Muslims resented this. Many Jews were accused of aiding the Christians. Thus the Crusades made things worse for The Jews. Where once the Jews had one enemy, Christians, now they had another, Muslims.
  • 4. My groups perception of other groups is that they should not control holy land and it should belong to the ones that will respect it like the Jews.  
  • Their view of the other groups were inferior.

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