Visit Mars!

The red planet

Cold + Exciting

Scientists think the atmosphere on mars 3.5 million years ago was warm and wet. Because of mars’ carbon dioxide and water there was a chemical reaction and now most of mars’ carbon dioxide was used forming carbonate rocks. Mars’ atmosphere is very thin. It is very cold too. The water that remains is either frozen or hidden deep underground, so you will need to bring a camel pack and some bottles of water. You will also need Dried food to eat. It’s climate changes a lot during the year, but it is usually cold. You will want to bring a thermal full body suit. Mars also has seasons due to the tilt of it’s axis. Winds on mars are very strong and can create storms that cover most of the planet. The maximum speeds recorded were about 60 miles per hour, You will have to bring weights so you don’t get blown over. You may want a cloth incase dirt is blown into your eyes. Mars’ northern and mid latitudes wind blows West to East. Scientists say the planet is getting colder, and the temperature can vary from 70 to -225 degrees. On mars the air pressure can vary by as much as 50%. Mars also doesn’t have any air, you will need oxygen tanks. Like what you hear, visit mars today!

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