Personalizing a Course


Welcome to AET 541 E-Learning this course will take you to another world of technology. The new technology will give you an insight of how to use Internet technology resources. These resources will be able to help you create presentations that will help you with class and work assignments.

Course Expectation:

In this course students should be to use technology resources in order to complete assignments.

Students should feel comfortable with working with Internet technology resources.

Ice- Breaker:

As we get familiar with this course i would start off with a group activity. It is called "One good One Bad". The objective of the activity is to learn something new about your classmates. Each person in the class will post one good thing and one bad thing about themselves.

Instructor Policies:

I will be available from Monday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm and I

take Sunday off the rest from classes

I expect every students to be able participate in discussion at 5 out of the 7 days.

I expect every student to have all assignments to be completed by Monday by 9:00pm

I expect for all student to following the Plagiarism policy

I expect all students to submit their own work

I also expect all students to be able to learn and have fun doing

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