How to find top window blinds supplier in Melbourne

Finding the top window blinds supplier in Melbourne has to necessarily start with knowing or at least having a fair idea of what you need.

If you have bought window blinds in the past, you would have some idea of what is available but probably not all of it. For example, there was a time when you went to the store and chose a jar tea from amongst a small range of options. Today even a modest departmental store will have at least half a section devoted to tea.

A blinds supplier in Melbourne will not only have locally manufactured blinds, he will also probably stock blinds with ethnic print designs from Malaysia, Taiwan, China and maybe even Africa. In fact, it is not uncommon to find entire sections devoted to just one particular type of blind.

Let us first understand blinds. A “Blind” is window cover constructed from vanes or slats. A blind can be raised or lowered or angled via a manual or remote control. A window blind provides wonderful control over the amount of light that enters the room.

All top window blind suppliers will stock not less than three standard sizes of blinds. These are 2 inches, 1 inch and half inches. The larger variety i.e. 2-inch slats are generally used to cover large windows such as those found in large offices. The window blinds with ½-inch slat on the other hand are ideally suited to cover windows in homes. However, if your home has large windows then window blinds with 1 inch slats might be ideal. But if you are lucky enough to be living in a colonial style mansion you might want to consider window blinds with 2-inch slats as it would complement the look of your home.

Window blinds can have slats arranged horizontally or vertically. The vertically arranged slats are ideally suited for sliding glass doors and wide window expanses.

Window Blinds are no longer limited to wood or plastic or aluminium. These days window blinds are available in a wonderful array of materials. The list is too long to be covered here but look out for Luminettes from Hunter Douglas.

Gone too are the days when your option in colours was limited to a handful of choices. Today, your choice is almost limitless. But still, rather than pick a colour that suits your décor, it might make sense to pick a colour that is more neutral. This would ensure that a change in décor will not require an overhaul of your window blinds.

Enough said, let’s get on to the “where” of the window blinds. The best and most recommended place to find all you need in Cellular Blinds as well as fulfil your wildest dreams is which of course, is the url for this great supplier.

Established 2-and-a-half-decades ago, Apollo Blinds is a Sydney based company with retail outlets in Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane, Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Wollongong, Ballina, Tamworth, Dubbo, Wagga, Orange and Albury.