Mission Plant Discovery

By: Casie Wilford

Binomial Name/ Common Name

Common: Rosilla         Binomial: Surrext vanilla


Description of Environment

Rosella lives in moderate temperatures and can withstand hot and cold weather as well. It's usually found in wide opened plains and in huge bundles. It grows towards the sun and away from objects. They can be found on hills, slopes, and flat lands.


Wide leaves

The wide white leaves allows the plant to absorb an enormous amount of sunlight to produce more energy to create seeds that soon disperse.

Combination of plants

The plants have combined over the years and is now a beautiful flower that produces lovely fumes and vanilla and vanilla products to create foods and other products.


The plant also has spikes in its stem and under its petals so that their predetors don't eat the plant or are atleast injured when stepped on or injured trying to eat it.


The plant drops its seeds around itself to create large bundles of itself in fields (seed dispersal)
It's asexual because it has its own pollen and egg and creates its own seeds

It's also sexual because it can take the pollen from other flowers and produce seeds with that pollen

Seed Dispersal

Rosilla drops its seeds around itself which is why it is located in huge bundles, also its seeds can latch onto insects and animals that comes near it and disperses its self by animals. Also can be carried away by wind.

Similar plants


The plants beautiful form is shaped just like a red rose and its smell is mixed with the second plant to create the gentle smells that are produced.

Vanilla Plant

The vanilla plants leaves that allow it to produce the sweet vanilla products and also mix with the roses smell to produce a loving smell.