PA Consulting Group: Business Challenges

Business design

Advances in technology, and changes in what customers want and value, are constant. So your business needs to evolve constantly too.

Strong, creative business design sets up a framework within which effective change can take place. It provides a clear vision for what your business needs to achieve and shows how to organise your people, processes and technology to get there.

For this to happen, your business and IT must work in harmony. We bring together experts with the practical experience to think differently and find the right approach for you.

Digital business

Digital has changed business forever. Organisations that have embraced digital are leading their industry and influencing others – those that haven’t are falling behind. But having an effective digital strategy is about more than just having a website. It’s about mindset. It’s about disruption and starting again.

To embrace digital, you need to reimagine your entire business – your products, services and the way you communicate with customers. You need to reconfigure how the organisation works and look again at your governance, skills and approach.

We bring together digital experts with the skills and experience to help you rebuild from top to bottom, creating a digital culture for exceptional long-term success.

Social intelligence

Social media is reshaping our world. Every hour, 1.5 billion pieces of content are created. In under a minute, each one can be shared worldwide. For businesses, this presents an array of new opportunities and threats. We use social intelligence to help you respond.

Our expert teams analyse vast data sets to create extraordinarily accurate insight for your business. We tell you what your customers are thinking, what your competitors are planning and whether online criminals have got you in their sights.

Talent management

Attracting and retaining the best people will give you commercial advantage and the talent you need for future success.

To achieve this, you need effective talent management to unlock the potential of those who can take on the most challenging roles. This is not just for potential leaders, but for all individuals with valuable expertise.

There are many ways to manage talent – from identifying and coaching brilliant people to deploying them correctly and keeping them engaged – but these approaches must work together in harmony. Our experts work closely with you, challenging convention where necessary, to develop the right solution for exceptional, long-lasting results.

The future of healthcare

Far-reaching reforms are fundamentally changing the relationships between key players in the world of healthcare. We are seeing an 'industrial revolution' of healthcare, driven by technology. One of the most influential drivers of this revolution lies in the use of information to improve standardisation and create more personalised care. This will increase access, drive up quality and reduce the overall cost of care.

We are working closely with organisations in all areas of healthcare. We are developing and delivering ground-breaking technology, preparing life sciences businesses for the future of their industry and supporting the public sector in the delivery of care. Our teams of experts draw on practical experience to challenge convention and create exceptional, lasting results.

Thinking regulation

Demands for greater transparency, regulatory enforcement and consumer protection have created new challenges for regulators and regulated industries.

Handled correctly, these challenges become exceptional opportunities.

Whether you are a regulator, regulated company or policymaker, we will help you regain control and realise lasting value through regulatory change.