Columbian Exchange

Fact 1) The Columbian Echange is the interchange of plants and food products that took place between America and Europe after Columbus's voyages to the New World.

Fact 2) The Columbian Exchange greatly affected almost every society on earth, bringing destructive diseases that depopulated many cultures. By some estimates, nearly 80 percent of the native population of the Americas was wiped out from the introduction of European diseases.

Fact 3) Incas, Aztecs and Africans were forced to work for nothing as slaves during this period.

"For the natives, they are neere all dead of Small poxe, so as the Lord hathe cleared our title to what we possess".

- John Winthrop, first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony9

"Touching these savages, there is a thing I cannot omit to remark to you, it is that it appears visibly that God wishes that they yield their place to new peoples."

- a member of La Salle's Mississippi River expedition, 1682

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