Brighton Beach Memoirs by Demian Arroyo

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a massive downfall in the United States economy because of the massive unemployment rates. Almost everyone who had a job was affected by this event. The Great Depression started in 1929, and a decade later it ended in 1939. The Great Depression was a horrible period in the US's history, making almost 25% of the people who lived here out of work. The inflation rates where high. For Sliced Baked Ham, it would cost $6.27 in today's money, or .35 cents in 1932

Colleges in the 1930's

A college that would have been great for Eugene is Emerson College. The tuition for Emerson was around $400, which included the General Fees. The room, text books, and miscellaneous were around $715. One major difference was that almost anyone could join college, it was affordable, and if you didn't go, you could still get a good job. Now-and-days, college is only for a select few, you are in huge debt after it, and you are are very limited when it comes to jobs. The mascot of Emerson College is the Lion, as seen below.

If you're going live out of your parent's home, you'll need to find out the cost for some of the most basic needs. For gas, it would cost .17 cents for a gallon.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Strohiem,

    I am very sorry for what I did. I regret doing everything I did. The reason I did what I did was because of my principles. Andrew didn't place the oil there, and I don't think he should be blamed for it. All I wanted to do was defend him.

    The reason you shouldn't fire me is because I am a great worker. I am always on time, I do what I am told, and I am a good person. My family has been in a tough situation for a while now and i need all the money i can get. So please accept my letter of apology.

    Again, I am sorry . I know I shouldn't have done that. I have learned my lesson. I was just standing up for what I believe in.

The Broadway Show

Has made an estimate of $6 billion Dollars!

Has made over 70 major awards.

Preformed in London on 27th September 1986 in Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Became Broadways longest running show.

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