*The Escaper*

Ashley Ayo

Harry Houdini began his career as a magician at the age of 17. He started out very slowly around the New York area with small acts. As he began to build on his escape techniques, he joined the circus. Throughout the years, Houdini found that he could escape from a locked set of handcuffs and became prized by many. Eventually, Harry became big enough to make his dream come true; to have a show dedicated only to his magic. Harry traveled all across the world to perform his magic. At the time, Harry was the "highest paid performer in American vaudeville (4)." Years later, most people knew of him and he was granted with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  

"My brain is the key that sets me free" (2)

-Harry Houdini
This quote shows free thought. If you imagine things you will be set free from the world and all problems. Thinking freely can motivate people to do crazy things like Houdini, the magician, does.

Harry Houdini shows several transcendental qualities. Free thought is shown all the time by Harry with his magic. He is very famous for escaping handcuffs with only a little piece of metal and became known as "The Handcuff King (1)." Harry is always trying new magic tricks to entertain his people. I would say, it probably takes a bunch of imagination. When Harry escaped jail

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better (3)."

_Ralph Waldo Emerson
Harry Houdini has learned many things during his magic career. He has practiced many magic acts to see how well they will work before performing them in front of his fans. The more magic acts he has, the more he can entertain the audience and therefore he will become even more famous.

Transcendentalists impact our society by providing entertainment, like Harry does or by being a leader like others. Many transcendentalists are non-conformists and therefore, don't follow a crowd, but become leaders. Singers, magicians, actors, and dancers are all types of non-conformists and leaders. They go out on their own and put on a show or sing because they have confidence. Without transcendentalists in the world, it would be pretty boring.





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