Digital Photography - Bravery

Maverick Scott

One: I  chose this photo because bravery is scary to be brave you must do somthing that is scary this photo is good because it shows a foot on a tightrope and that is scary is takes bravery

Two: I edited this in a way that just makes it more outstanding that he is standing on a tightrope it makes it more amazing that he is doing it

Three: I chose this photo because the tigers face is fear and your staring it right in your face it shows bravery as you stare it in your face

Four: I edited this to make it look fearsome to make it look really scary and now your staring it in the face

Five: I chose this because its one cat up to many German shepherd it may look scared but its standing up for itself

Six: I made this to out-stand the cat and make more dogs its X10 more powerful than the original photo

Seven: I chose this because being in the army in a brave thing to do you serve the country

Eight: I edited this because it just shows the fear he should have but he doesnt

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