Something Fishy

A Rachelle Hoffman and Megan Null presentation


These non aggressive fish are a wonder to add to the tank. There will be four. Their needs require:

  • Water temperature of 76-86 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Tank setup of at least 29 gallons

Kenyi African Chichlid

This florescent presence to the tank, which is exactly what the project needs. We will have three of these fish. Their requirements are:

Long Fin Red Minor Tetra

With a beautiful design there comes the long fin red minor tetra fish. We will be adding four of these to our aquarium. Their needs require:

Fish Tank

For the tank we will use a medium, which is 36" L x 15" D x 20" H. The tank can hold 46.9 gallons of water and is 10,800"cubic inches in volume.

Water Filter

Since our tank can only hold 46.9 gallons, we chose the filter that could do 60 gallons. (1003)

Heater, lights, and cover

We used the generic heater and light that can give off a temperature of 65-93 degrees Fahrenheit. For the hood we chose the 36" because it matches the measurements of our tank.


For the gravel we need 15 bags to fill the bottom, which costs $82.50, to have a comfortable amount. The volume of the gravel is 1,620 cubic inches with three inches being the height. The colour of the gravel is white.


For the plants we will use 1 Blue Median w/ Rock base that costs $15.


We will use two Begonias in the customer's fish tank. It will cost $8.

Roman Ruins

For the décor  we will use the roman ruins from Petsmart. It will take a toll of $40.


1. Angelfish $4.99 2 $9.98

2. Tetra $3.99 4 $15.96

3. Kenyi African Chichlid $6.89 3 $20.67

4. tank (Med) $225 $225

5. Filter (1003) $70

6. Heater $36

7. Light (hood) 36" $50

8. Gravel (white) $5.50 15 $82.50

9. Blue medium $15 1 $15

10. Begonia $4 2 $8

11. Décor (roman ruins) $40 1 $40

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