PAAC Digital Portfolio

The first thing that we learned was E-mail and Blogs which she taught us how to log in too google and post blogs. When you go on email you can send links and warm ups to her. The second thing that we learned was Digital Photography this one is about photography that is done in the computer not in person like you do it on the computer. The third one we did was keynote presentation this one is about you put pictures, its like a prezi. The fourth one we learned was video production like iMovie we put movies together and also you can't take videos of yourself and put it in a movie. The fifth one we did was sound engineering like we made music and put different music together one we did was the simpsons. the sixth one we did was photoshop which we did a lot of like orange juice or the big red barn. We basically put photos in other photos and cut parts out that we want. The seventh one we did was Desktop publishing/ pages we basically did homework on there if we didn't do it at home and also we did paragraphs on assignments. The eight one we did was Animation like stop motion animation with the penny we took pictures and made it into a movie. The ninth one we did was Fashion design we learned when it was first invented and different types of clothes and people that made them. We did are own we had to create are own logo. The last one we did was Game Design we had to look for mechanics, space, and like the rules of the game basically how it was made and what year it was made and we also had to do are own game. Thats all the stuff we learned this year.

This is my fashion unit, my fashion unit is about your own company logo and your design. This one is also about what you think teens would like too wear and clothing material, like what it is made of like leather is it smooth ruff. This is also my favorite one we did cause i got to do my favorite colors and i got to chose what i wanted it to be on and i thought i did really good.

This one is my photoshop animal presentation. I learned on how to take photos and put the into other photos like cut out parts i want and put them on other animals. I also learned how to shade in like make it lighter or less blurry and make it more real like that animal really has a dinosaur tail. This is also my favorite ones because I thought I did really good on this one i made the head seem like it was for the cheetah sand also the tail.

This one is also my photoshop one this is like my second favorite because it represents on what I like to do and what is my passion. I learned on this one when you type words you can cut out the white part and put a picture in the back. There was a lot of photoshop that we did but this is one that i really liked.

This one is also on photoshop we did this for a flyer for a place you can work so FML mean Faiths Makeover Look. I learned this one pretty easy this is probably the easiest ones I did. I learned on how to make cards right like you suppose to have you name number and information that would help people contact you on info.

This one is the one when we learned C.R.A.P which c.r.a.p means contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. This picture represents contrast because when you look at the picture you eyes go straight on the yellow cause that color pops out.

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