Sandhill Cranes By Joshua

Sandhill Cranes stop in Nebraska's Platte River. When they leave,they continue they're migration up north.
This Sandhill Crane is in its nest.Preparing its chick for the migration.
Sandhill Cranes are flying toward the Platte River to rest.They stay in Nebraska for a month.
When in Nebraska,Sandhill Cranes peacefully sleep at the river during nighttime.They stay here to fuel up for the migration.
They also eat grains in the field during the day.This will fill them up for the rest on the journey.
They safely stay in Nebraska because hunting them is illegal in Nebraska.This is another reason why they stop at the Platte River.
After a month of resting in Nebraska,Sandhill Cranes leave to continue thier migration.Yet soon, they return to head back south.

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