Bipolar Disorder is a disorder characterized by alternating periods of elation (sometimes manic) and depression. It effects more than 5.5 million North American adults which makes up more than 2.6 percent of our adult population.

   Bipolar Disorder has many signs, as long as you are looking for them. During the manic period, you might notice insomnia, a drop in appetite, much more energy, and that you make lots of rash decisions. The depression period is characterized by loss of interest in things that otherwise bring you joy, low self esteem, bad concentration, and thoughts of self harm or suicide.

    Ways to help treat Bipolar Disorder: Find Bipolar medication that works for you.
                                                             Teach your family about it and tell them how to                                                                     help you
                                                             Surround yourself with supportive people
                                                             Get therapy
                                                             Never give up
                                                             Avoid alcoholic beverages and drugs
  You can search your symptoms on the internet, go to a trusted doctor or psychologist, or ask someone you know who has it about what you can do and who you can go to.
  Many people work with more than three different doctors and work on it for eight years before they find a cure or treatment that really works, so be patient.

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