Day 138 - April 24

Today, we

    1. Learned about Gunston's FOOD FILLED viewing party for the finals of the National Poetry Out Competition. April 29, in the Library at 7 p.m.

   2. Used the instruction manuals we brought to school to make quizzes--focused on summary, supporting details, and main idea.  The quizzes should be made using Google Forms and be five questions long.

     3. Took two quizzes made by classmates.

     4. Wrote 1523. Opened a google doc and shared it with the teacher. 1523 is a poem with the following elements: 8 lines, rhymed ABAB CDCD, eight syllables each line, one simile, one metaphor, one onomatopoeia, and a title.


  • Read at least five minutes and up to an hour a day every day. You are in training.