Nuclear Chemistry

Radation Thearpy

What is Nuclear Medicine?

A branch of medicine that deals with the use of radioactive substances in research diagnosis and treatment. (

One specific type of nuclear medicine is radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of cancer by delivering high energy beams directly to the tumor or intended target.

What are the nuclear reactions involved in Nuclear Chemistry ( Radiation)?

Radiation uses special equipment like that of a linear accelerator to generate high beams of energy which is delivered from different angles to target each part of a tumor.

Types of Radiostopees involved are:

Bismuth-213- used for targeted alpha therapy

Cobalt -60- Formally used for external beam radiotherapy

Boron Neutron - Boron- 10- (usually involved in brain tumors)

Iodine-131- (used to treat thyroid cancer using radiation)

What are the Benefits of Nuclear medicine ( radiation)?

Destroys cancer cells while causing as little damage as possible to normal cells.

Controls the growth of tumors and damages the DNA in cancer cells.

About 12.5 millon a year are diagnosed with cancer and out of the the 12.5 millon about 8.5 million are treated with radiotherapy.

Delivered in 5 days or over the course of several weeks.

Sessions take as little as 15 minutes.

What is the purpose of Nuclear Chemistry in our world?

Basically the purpose of Nuclear Chemistry in medicine is to provide life-saving treatments, such as radiation and radio-therapy, which helps treat diseases like cancer.

Nuclear Medicine uses radiation to give diagnostic information about how someones organs are behaving, or provides different methods or how to treat them.

Radiotherapy is used to help treat different medical problems such as cancer, the radiation can help reduce or minimize the size certain cells.

What are the detriments of Nuclear Medicine in our world?

Radiation can treat cancer, but it can alo cause it.

Radiation can also cause damage to normal cells,and irritation of damage to skin near treatment sites.

Radiation can also fatigue, sore throat, and hair loss.

Radiation can also cause urinary problems when the lower abdomen is treated.

What do you think?

Radiation Therapy is vital to cancer treatment in America and other countries. Yes, certain forms of radiation can be harmful to society. But if you look at the benefits to Radiation Therapy, as listed above, they obviously out weigh the detriments. Ff any form of treatment can save thousands or about 8.5 millon or more lives, then Radiation Therapy is well supported in the medical field and should be supported by society as a whole.

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