John Rennie

Scottish civil engineer who designed many bridges, canals, and docks.

Place of Birth: Scottish, Phantassie estate near the village of East Linton

Life span: 7 June 1761 – 4 October 1821

Invention or skill: Civil Engineer, famous bridge-builder, also built a lot of docks and harbor, ect.

Length of education: He left school when he was 12.

He studied at Edinburgh University in 1780-1783.

Personal history:

John Rennie was born in 7 June 1761, he was the youngest son in his family, his father die before he was 6 years old. He start to have interest at mechanism when he was young. When he was 10 years old, he built model of a wind-mill, a steam-engine, and a pile-engine, and which shows he have talent at mechanism. When he was 12 years old, he left school and went to work at Andrew Meikle. Few years later, he got a chance to study in Edinburgh University, at that time, he was studing and working at the same time. One day, Mr Watt discovered him, he think John Rennie have extraordinary talents, and since that, he got many chance to create and built, and he became a Civil Engineer. The material that he used to build was different to others, he choose to use Iron instead of wood. He built a lot of famous bridge-builder, also built a lot of docks and harbor, so more and more people know him and this is how he got famous.

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